Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make Money with YouTube

There are lots of different ways to earn money from YouTube.
 The main income will come from the YouTube partner program. You will get a share of the revenue YouTube generates from the ads that they place on the videos you upload. There is certain conditions you must meet to get accepted into the partner program. You need to have a strong volume of views coming in everyday and you need to have lots of active subscribers.

There are also ways to earn money from YouTube by selling affiliate products to your viewers. To Learn how to make money as an affiliate check out this nice blog about making money online Make Money With YouTube -

How to get more YouTube Subscribers.

Hi there. I guess you already have a nice channel with lots of cool original videos that you made yourself or got from your friends. If you read my blog earlier, than you probably know already how to increase YouTube Views and got lots of views on all your videos. But you might notice one thing, if people check your videos once and do not subscribe, there is a big chance that they are not coming back to your channel to check out your new cool videos.
 To make sure users will comeback to your channel and videos, you gotta make them subscribe to your channel.
 Here are few ways that you can make them subscribe :
- Ask them to subscribe in the description box and provide a link to the subscription page.
- Make annotations on the video and ask other YouTube Users to subscribe to your videos for the new upcoming cool videos you are going to upload to your channel.
- Make a web series. This requires more work, but if you have a good idea for a short web series with, than you can film those short clips and divide them into 5-10 videos. Make sure that at the end people will want to see the suite. End the video with something like " To Be Continued " and make them subscribe for the new clips. I think you got the idea. Try to tease them with a trailer of a new clip.
- You can make a contest. Tell everyone that you will pick a winner from your subscribers who will receive a cool prize. Once I got 300 subscribers in 1 day with that trick. Make them watch and comment your videos.

 Another fast and easy way to get more subscribers is to Buy YouTube Subscribers.  To learn how please visit my last post :

Buy Youtube Subscribers

It is also very important to have lot's of subscribers on YouTube.
Once you got few videos that have lots of views, you might want to join the YouTube partner program. But having lots of views is not enough. You might be interested in buying YouTube subscribers.
To Buy YouTube subscribers is very simple, all you have to do is to go to and search for companies online who will provide you subscribers to your channel at a small fee. You can buy something like 1,000 subscribers to your channel and chances are you will be accepted to the partner program quickly. Just don't forget that it is also important to Buy YouTube Views in order to become famous and be discovered.

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Increase YouTube Views

There are many people who are asking the same question : " How to Increase YouTube Views"
Either you want to become famous, promote a particular video, join the partner program or you just want to show off to your friends with the views counter on the video you uploaded. The best simplest and fastest way to increase your views is to Buy YouTube Views.

Once you buy views from a trusted provider, your view counter will explode and you might end up the next web celebrity.

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How To Buy YouTube Views

I guess you already have a nice YouTube channel with a custom skin. You uploaded all your best videos and now want to get famous.

Here is how you can go and buy YouTube views to get noticed.

Go to and type Buy YouTube Views. You will find many different companies that offer these kind of service. Most of them provide the same quality views, so the best way to go about this is to find the cheapest provider and purchase about 10,000 views first, to test them out. When the provider delivers all the views you can judge on your own if you want to continue to buy from them or if you wish to go with another provider.

That is how simple it is to Buy YouTube Views

If you don't know why you should buy views, please read my previous article.

Buy Youtube Views

If you want to become popular or just have a funny video that you think everyone likes, you should post it on YouTube.
These days everyone goes on YouTube at least once a day. But with millions of videos uploaded everyday, it is hard to get noticed if you are a starting vlogger. I have a good news for you. If you wish to get noticed and be on front page of YouTube as a featured user, you can now buy views, subscribers and even comments. You can artificially create a popularity to your video or channel. That will help you to get noticed by other users and even moderators. If you have a good material that people like, you can be featured on the front page as a popular video or channel. This will create a snowball effect and you will be able to become a partner and start earning money from your videos.
You can find YouTube views to buy on Google for cheap.
I hope you learned a bit on how to get popular and make money from YouTube. Now go and make some nice videos.