Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to get more YouTube Subscribers.

Hi there. I guess you already have a nice channel with lots of cool original videos that you made yourself or got from your friends. If you read my blog earlier, than you probably know already how to increase YouTube Views and got lots of views on all your videos. But you might notice one thing, if people check your videos once and do not subscribe, there is a big chance that they are not coming back to your channel to check out your new cool videos.
 To make sure users will comeback to your channel and videos, you gotta make them subscribe to your channel.
 Here are few ways that you can make them subscribe :
- Ask them to subscribe in the description box and provide a link to the subscription page.
- Make annotations on the video and ask other YouTube Users to subscribe to your videos for the new upcoming cool videos you are going to upload to your channel.
- Make a web series. This requires more work, but if you have a good idea for a short web series with, than you can film those short clips and divide them into 5-10 videos. Make sure that at the end people will want to see the suite. End the video with something like " To Be Continued " and make them subscribe for the new clips. I think you got the idea. Try to tease them with a trailer of a new clip.
- You can make a contest. Tell everyone that you will pick a winner from your subscribers who will receive a cool prize. Once I got 300 subscribers in 1 day with that trick. Make them watch and comment your videos.

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